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چکیده : Welcome to visit here ,we provide anything you wanna search about Carton printing machine!... با عنوان : The Eco-24 has a comb selection guide to help you بخوانید :

The Eco-24 has a comb selection guide to help you choose the right binding element for your document. You just can't go wrong with a product that has such a great punching capacity, disengageable dies, metal construction, and so on.

We found that the Eco-24 is extremely durable and we're really impressed that it contained almost all metal parts. The machine has an open throat and disengageable dies so you can create letter- and legal-sized documents, as well as other ones.

Plastic combs come in a lot of different sizes.)

We think this is a great device to go if you want to use different sizes of paper when binding your China carton gluing machine Manufacturer documents. Here's what we learned about it. It only weighs about 20 pounds. This machine can handle all sizes of combs so your documents can be of varying lengths. This will help you save a lot of time when you're putting your documents together. We think the machine is a great investment if you need such a device. We recently had a chance to put the Tamerica Eco-24 comb binding machine to the test and we were quite happy with it.

This machine is a pretty good size and it won't take up your entire workspace. It provides you with a year's worth of protection.

Using a plastic comb binding machine is a great way to put together a wide variety of documents for both personal and professional use. Also, we think the machine is is well-designed, mainly thanks to the punching handle.

The Eco-24 has one of the best punching capacities we've ever seen in a comb binding machine. There are even extensions you can use to support large sheets of paper during the binding process. The largest ones are 2" thick and can bind books that are up to 450 pages long. This device is one of the best of its kind available. bond paper, you'll be able to punch up to 22 sheets at a time.

The Eco-24 has a good warranty. And even though it's made out of metal, it's surprisingly light..

. This device is so well-made you'll be able to use it for a long time, making it a really good investment. When you're ready to punch your paper, you can adjust the side margins and punch depth to get the results you need. When you're working with 20 lb.


We learned a lot about the Tamerica Eco-24 comb binding machine and we extremely happy with what we found out. Also, this is a great unit to have in the office if you work with left-handed people since the handle is right in the middle, not on the right side. We measured it and found out its dimensions are approximately 23" (width) x 13" (depth) x 16"(height). Check it out for yourself to see what we mean.. (You can also use GBC ZipBind spines if you want to easily edit your work later on. It's U-shaped and it makes the unit really easy to operate because you can use both of your hands

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